Working out at home is a great way to keep yourself busy and also keep your body active. While life may at times get hectic, this should not be an excuse for not working out because we can spare sometime when we get home in the evening for exercise. Home workouts are ideal because one saves on the time they need to travel to the gym or sports club, and also most home-based exercises do not require expensive equipment which we find at the gym. However, it’s important to note that for successful home-based exercises, you need to come up with a fitness programme that will help you monitor your progress, and at the same time, you will be aware of what’s next on your list of activities.

Home Based Workout Exercises

Some of the exercises you can practice at home include;

  • Push-Ups

This is an old but simple exercise that can be done at home, and its main target is the chest, hands, and shoulders. The intensity of the exercise can be modified by changing the hands positioning when exercising.

  • Superman Exercise

This exercise requires on to lie on a mat face down with the legs and arms stretched. You should then raise your legs and hands at the same time to be 10-15 cm above the floor, forming a bowl shape with your back.

  • Contralateral Limb Raises

This exercise requires you to lay on the exercise mat, or the floor with your hands stretched palms down, and your legs stretched with the soles facing up. The next step is to lift your right arm and left leg simultaneously and when you feel that you cannot stretch more hold for two-three seconds before bringing them down. Repeat this step with the opposite with the left arm and the right leg.